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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has not left any country spared and health systems face challenges on multiple fronts. Cardiovascular disease is the world’s largest cause of morbidity and mortality. It is emerging as a common risk factor at baseline in the individuals most likely to have poor outcomes from COVID-19 infection. There is little yet known about the potential cardiac complications which may occur following COVID-19 infection, and there are many questions to be answered, whether through epidemiology and basic science or trials and pharmacology. In this blog, “The Heart in the Time of COVID-19”, WHF Emerging Leaders combine global perspective with updates of relevant the most recent science relating to cardiovascular disease and COVID-19. We hope this knowledge will be shared widely and together we can learn how to prevent and treat this disease which is truly unprecedented in its scale.

by: Amitava Banerjee and Pablo Perel

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Heart failure and COVID-19: A dynamic and changing interaction

by:Eduardo Chuquiure-Valenzuela In several COVID-19 cases, acute myocarditis results in focal or global myocardial inflammation, necrosis1. Clinically presents ventricular dysfunction and tachyarrhythmias2-3. Also, may influence in cardiac contractile worsening with a severe impact on Heart Failure (HF). It is postulated that Heart Failure  risk is mediated by a decrease in myocardial oxygen supply caused byContinue reading “Heart failure and COVID-19: A dynamic and changing interaction”

Virtual health and COVID-19: Is this the future of cardiovascular disease care delivery?

by:Lilian Mbau With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, virtual health is being embraced more than ever (1). This is especially so for cardiovascular disease (CVD) care because patients with underlying conditions such as CVD or associated risk factors have an increased risk of dying from COVID-19 infection (2). In addition, virtual health provides an option forContinue reading “Virtual health and COVID-19: Is this the future of cardiovascular disease care delivery?”

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